"This film challenges the notion of a "post-racial" world with personal honesty about filmmaker Joel Katz's own complex family history and the racial dynamics of his recently formed transracial adoption family. Knowing Joel and his family personally, I trust them to understand his children's need to live in a diverse community as they grow up." 


                                 --  Beth Hall, Director, Pact, An Adoption Alliance

 “White: a Memoir in Color,” Joel Katz’s new film, documents the process of Joel and his wife Leah, both of whom are white, going through the adoption of a little girl.  What sets this film apart from many of the films I’ve seen is the Katz’s honest, straight-forward engagement with the implications of race in daily life and in trans-racial adoption from a white perspective. Watching their willingness to approach the issues without looking for the answer is a breath of fresh air.

                              -- Frances E. Kendall, Ph.D., author of Understanding White Privilege

“…it also has an honesty, and presents a rigorous examination of family, self and the often-disparate experiences of life, that add emotional resonance to what is also a damn good story….We get uncomfortably close to the sorts of self-examination that all whites, no matter their shades or background, should try to face at some point in their lives.”

                             -- Paul Smart, Hudson Valley Almanac (read full review )

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